Sunday, December 27, 2009


Welcome. This is the last chance to get points for the contest. And this one is worth 1000 points. This is also very hard. All you have to do is say who did the crime. Patrick here. But that's Detective Patrick to you. My costumers call me Agent Patrick. A tall drink of water walked right in the door. "What's you name doll?" "Vicky." Vicky said. "Somebody stole my 24 carrot gold remote control." She said. I bust out in laughter. I managed to spit out "a remote control", but nothing else. "OK you got any clues?" No."TO BE CONTINUED...


  1. WOW, I have never heard of a 24K remote !!! Hmmnn, I wonder who the thief could be....Are you going to give us more clues tonight?

  2. Do we call you Detective or Agent Patrick?