Friday, July 23, 2010

Blue Eyes Tournament

Hey. I'm having a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. Here are the people who are in it, Me, Steve, Victoria, W.A.J., Cole, and Timmy. It will be sometime around August. It's called the Blue Eyes White Dragon Tournament. There are rules that I will show you later. Good luck to those who are in it! Oh yeah, and here are the first round match ups. Match 1: Steve vs. Victoria. Match 2: Patrick vs. W.A.J.. Match 3: Cole vs. Timmy. Good luck W.A.J., you're gonna need it!

UPDATE: It is going to happed on June 10th! With new players. Me, Timmy, Cole, and Sam. Bring it on!


  1. I know I will win at least the first round!

  2. Yeah right! Even if you do win, I'm gonna totally total W.A.J., so you'll have to go against me! So bring it on! Plus, I'll have a big advantage for my first duel. Just wait and see!