Monday, July 5, 2010

Norse Gods (And Goddesses)

Hey! If you've read my post about some of the Aztec Gods, (and the Goddess) you should know the deal with this post. But this time, instead of Aztec Gods it's Norse Gods, (and Goddesses). And in case you can't read Norse God Thor's effect here it is. If this card is in your deck or hand, you can summon "Norse God" and "Norse Goddess" monsters with out a sacrifice(s). You can only summon this card by halving your life points, destroying all cards on your side of the field and sending monsters from your deck to the graveyard who's total ATK points equal 10,000 or more. This card cannot be destroyed be Spells, Traps, and Monster Effects. This card can only be destroyed by a LIGHT attribute monster. I hope you've enjoyed this post!


  1. Very Cool - where do you get all the lego minifigure pics from?