Friday, January 22, 2010

Duels with Patrick

Hi there!

This is not Patrick, this is Patrick's Dad. Patrick and I made a deal to write a post on each others blog, you can check out what Patrick wrote on my site by clicking here.

So here goes....

Patrick and I like to play a game called Yu-Gi-Oh. If you don't know what Yu-Gi-Oh is, it is a card game where two players battle using decks of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. There is a wide variety of cards in the game: monsters, traps, and spells. Monster cards are assigned points for attack strength and defense ability. The higher the point total the better. Spells and traps have different capabilities and can be used to strengthen or weaken monsters and otherwise battle your opponent.

It sounds complicated, because to me it is. I confess I really don't understand all the complicated rules, tactics, and abilities of the different cards. That explains why after hundreds of duels, I don't think I have ever won once.

I also think the distribution of cards has not been completely fair. Patrick has many fearsome monsters, dragons, beasts, and knights, all having lots of attack points. I have many cute and cuddly looking puffball type monsters with not many points at all.

Unfair I say!

But still, I enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh, and one day, maybe soon I will actually win a game.

What do you think, Patrick? Think I will ever win a duel?

Peace out! Pat's note: my monsters could crush his monsters! Ha Ha~ Patster!

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  1. Nice little switcheroo, guys! Good luck, Steve - I hope you win a game soon!