Monday, March 29, 2010


Welcome! This Patrick, lead singer of Godzillaz, a band who will have their first concert soon! This is a picture cover that we will have modified to be put on our first CD! Now Gorillaz, if you are reading this we did not steal anything from you. Or, at least I didn't steal from you. The head guitarist Cole, came up with the name. Plus, Godzillaz is totally different from Gorillaz, just to let you know. In case you didn't notice I added a Jeff Kinny flare to my writing. This has been Patrick, lead singer of the Godzillaz.


  1. I like the name, just be careful the Gorillaz don't sue you and try to collect all the money you earn in your concerts.

  2. Yeah, the guys don't know if the name is going to be the offical name yet, we might change the name to Pat And The Duelers; it's so awesome!

  3. I can't wait for the first concert !! Love the name !!