Thursday, May 27, 2010

School Sucks

I hate school! School sucks! Why do we have to spend like 9 months there??????? 2 is plenty! What's up with the 5 hours 30 minutes thing??? We really have 6 hours but I subtracted recess. Normally, I would subtract lunch too, but ever since the new 4 Boys 4 Girls per table came out it's been almost worse than math. Almost worse than math I tell you! To make school better,(for kids) me, Jacob, Timmy, Cole,Sam and Brenden have wrote a constitution. Even better, we have gotten 55 signatures and we need 50! The reason for the extra 5 is that when we got 50 and recess wasn't over we said "Well we could get more signatures". So we did. I hate school and nobody will ever change that. Even if our rules get accepted.


  1. What do you think might make school better?

  2. So what do you think would make school better?