Sunday, August 22, 2010

Character Previews 1: Lydsy Bigonna

This a character preview for a book I'm making. LYDSY BIGONNA Biography: Born in L.A., Lydsy was young and a brilliant singer. When she was 15, her parents divorced, and she currently lives with her father, Johnathan Bigonna. For the next year, she and her father toured along with Lydsy's singers, Launa Ligonna and Lara Lison. She arrived to L.A. 10 days before here 16th birthday. BOOK: When the Godzillaz, (Patrick, Timmy, Cole, the main characters) came to L.A. as part of a world tour, her band and another band both wanted to open for the Godzillaz during their L.A. concerts, so Lydsy and Flapjack, (the lead singer of the other band, Fate's Fools.) had a match of Yu-Gi-Oh where the winner's band got to open for the Godzillaz in their L.A. concerts.

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