Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Earth On Justin Bieber's Buckteeth

Hey! Here is a story that the Iroquois told. once upon a time, the Earth was just water, and there were animals. Above was a place called Hollysky Land. A person named Justina Bieber had a brother named Justin Vinchezo Peppe Laca Lat Yaco Bieber who lived in the water because he did not want people to see his teeth. One day Justina, jumped off of Hollysky for no apparent reason. She was caught by a couple of Ushes. The Ushes said, "This weird woman must have fallen from Hollysky. We must tell the Hannks.". They told the Hannks and they said, "I heard near where Justin blablablablabla Bieber lives, there is earth. We shall bring it to Justina, so she can stand.". The Gaga bird tried, and failed miserably. Sean Koon tried, and got far, but failed. Lastly, Bryan Musks tried, when he was about to pass out, he got the Earth. When he got back he said, " Where do I put the Earth?". "On my buckteeth." a voice said. It was Justin blablablablabla Bieber! "Okay." everyone said. Bryan Musks put the Earth on Justin's buckteeth, and it grew and grew and grew, until it became most of the earth. And to this day, the Earth is still on Justin blablablablabla Bieber's buckteeth, (yeah right! The Iroquois told THAT story!).

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