Saturday, March 5, 2011

Orange Of The West

Yo! You probably see the cards above. I created. Well, I also wrote a book involving Yu-Gi-Oh! which I never will publish. In it, the 3 main heroes, (Patrick, Cole, and Timmy) go on various adventures, (it's actually a series) like, briefly brushing through cyberspace, preventing the return of the Orichalcos, and entering a tournament. This was all inspired by the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV show. Even though I will never publish it, it is an impressive series of books. Anyway, each day I will give you a peek at Patrick's deck. On top, you see Orange Cowboy, who Patrick often summons for his first move. Below, you see Orange Giant, the card Patrick uses to clobber his opponents with his awesome ability. Finally, at the bottom, you see the noble Orange Rangers, who Patrick used to get him out of a pinch when attack by a giant guy, that would have killed him. If you do not know what Yu-Gi-Oh! is, I suggest learning, or enjoying the pics. If you like them, good, because more will be coming. Later peeps!


  1. These pics and cards are pretty cool. Will you post any more stories from the book here on the blog?

  2. Great job, Patrick - I look forward to reading more!!!

  3. tell me why you will never publish?