Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 5 Annoying Orange Vids!

Happy St. ME Day! To celebrate, I'll list my top 5 orange vids!

#5: Luck 'o' The Irish is an awesome video and is fitting for today! Click here to see it.

#4: Cheesy episode is one of the best ever. I like how Cheese hates Orange's puns, but when he gets graded, he still has to listen to Orange! Click here to see it.

#3:Kung Fruit is more recent but still HI-LARIOUS! How when Orange is about to fight Coconut, Coconut gets knifed! Click here to see it.

#2 Food Court is maja funny! Liam does a lot to try to get Orange "arrested". You should see it here.

#1!: My fav is, (drum roll please!)... Wishful Thinking! I know that's a totally different holiday, but it's still awesome. Liam makes another appearance, making it more funny! Click here to see it.

You should check out these vids! Happy St. ME Day!

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  1. Thanks for listing out the Top 5 Annoying Orange videos! I hope you had a great St. You's Day!