Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Wish I Won The Lottery

Yo! I'm gonna talk about the lottery today! I want to win the lottery so badly, (then again, who doesn't?) The reason is this: if you play Yu-Gi-Oh!, your probably know of Solemn Warning and Pot Of Duality. They sell for about $100 dollars and $150 respectively. Now, I know some of you might play Magic The Gathering and know that some cards cost $2000 +, but it's different in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Solemn and the Pot are featured in almost every true deck, (or maybe a lame deck made by a guy with money) and I have a deck, but I don't have enough funding to by that stuff. I was lucky enough to pull the Solemn once, but I sold it, (stupid, stupid, stupid!) to pay for my new deck, (deck list later). Off topic here! Anyway, if I won the lottery, I would buy two of Solemn Warning. If I happen to come across I duelist with Solemn Warning, I will trade anything in my Gold Box Of Rare And/Or Powerful Cards except Ultimate Obedient Fiend because he has sentimental value to my as my first Yu-Gi-Oh card ever. Bottom lines: 1. If you have Solemn Warning, and I meet you in person, I will trade you almost any of my cards, (I got Dark Simorgh, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Stardust Dragon, etc.) for it. 2. I want to win the lottery! Later!


  1. Maybe you can think of some other ways to earn what you would need to get those cards? That would be a good project.