Monday, November 22, 2010

My Trip To The National Soaring Museum

Hey! Last weekend I went to the National Soaring Museum. At the beginning, we went on this tour, (no offence to Norm, our tour guide, the tour was kinda boring 'til we got to the truck) and most of it wasn't that interesting to me because in 3rd grade, I read this really long book about the Wright brothers. My favorite part was when we got to the truck with the guillotine, (did I mention this was an airplane museum?). After that, we made wing ribs, they're totally big! When it felt like most of us where gonna pass out because of starvation, and not eating for like 4 hours, (and most of us had very little at the time 4 hours ago) they told us to go into a room with a joystick, a advanced looking thingamabobber, and FOOD! Most of us ignored the joystick and the whatsamacallit and began eating. To be honest, I didn't notice the stuff, either. After the time we spent eating, we did the flight simulator video game until we went to bed. I beat the easy, medium, and hard levels, and had a little fun and crashed into a heater. I make this sentence to commemorate the many lost lives of the pilots. Then we went to bed in the museum. Although he denies this, I think my dad was the one SNORING! The day after, we ate, made paper airplanes, then got to sit in a REAL PLANE. There's a good picture above. The other picture reminds me of my trip to The National Museum Of History. See you later, and FYI the trip to the museum was 3 hours to, and 2 hours and 30 minutes back. Staying up 'til like 1:00 is awesome!


  1. Nice post Patrick - I think you did a good job telling the story of the trip except for one thing - I was not the one snoring!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend - the pics are great too!