Monday, November 8, 2010

The Strange Tale Of National Walk Somewhere Day

This is a story I dreamt up, and felt it needed to be shared. The week started out as any week should, school, break, school, break. But yesterday, oh, yesterday, was the weirdest Wednesday of my life. Mom woke me up in her exercise clothes and said "Get up, I have to walk you to school!". Now it was pouring rain outside so I spit out "No, at school they said we are walking somewhere.". Now I know that was a pretty bad lie, but later, it turned out to be true. Afterwards, I went downstairs for breakfast. Guess what it was? Fereal. Cereal with dead fish in it. I guess I'll have to go hungry 'til lunch. After I got on the bus, I felt like we got 'energized'. When we got to school, I put my stuff away, and went into the room. The first thing I saw that was weird, was that there were TWO Coles!!!!!!!!!!! Cole said, "Wow, I didn't even notice.". THAT was totally sarcasm. There were other things that were weird too, Daniel had a moustache, Ben was a British soccer player on Liverpool with a British accent, and Nate had a unusually large amount of knowledge on comic books and graphic novels. Our teacher even had a weird accent. Instead of math, our teacher made us ride motorcycles and play card games on them. After our math time was over, we had gym. The gym teachers where dressed like feather dancers. They spent the whole time showing us this weird dance with a lot of balloons and them holding their legs in the air. After that awkward class was over, we had art. We were asked to right an elevendy seven word paper about walking. The only person who knew who that number was, was a substitute student named William Jackson Richard II, who was subbing for Salman. So, that was a very boring hour. Right before recess, our teacher announced "Because it's National Walk Somewhere Day, our principal says during recess, the whole class has to walk somewhere. We will walk around the school as soon as I urinate.". With that, she left. With her computer. The second the door closed, everybody went crazy. The Coles, Ben, Nate, Daniel, a couple other boys, and myself went outside. Not outside the classroom. Outside the SCHOOL. Unfortunately, we were caught by the music teacher. He said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT HERE!?". Because he was irritated that we tried to escape school, he decided to take us on a long, intense walk. We started out strong, but then we "slacked off",(the teacher's words, not mine). Our teacher,then, passed out. The Coles said "We're gonna die out here!", then one of them said "Jinx buy me a soda!". A couple boys made a run for it. To make things worse, it started snowing. After approximately 2 days, we somehow found our way home, and the 2 Coles that had two different personalities and two different looks, turned ti one Cole. Of course some of the boys weren't as lucky.


  1. That sure is a strange tale! Nice story Patrick.

  2. Your teacher is quite crazy! ;-)

    You made me laugh Patrick!