Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 4

Chello! I'm sorry that I haven't posted a sequel to Part 3. But wait! I'M POSTING ONE NOW! WHAT? You don't remember 3 or 2 or 1? That's okay. NO IT'S NOT! I'll just put the links. WELL OKAY THEN!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

With Nate and Ben zombiefied, and Timmy missing, possible dead, things weren't looking good. Owen's big bag of weapons was big and equipped with ammo, but we were running out of ammo. "We got some garlic?" Owen asked.

"Yes," Olivia responded.

"Boil it for 5 minutes, then put the bullets in the pot," Owen said.

Olivia gave Owen her "look" and started preparing the garlic. "Ah  Garlic Bullets. Those kill Zombies from the inside," Dave said.

"I thought garlic killed vampires," said Timmy.

"It does. But ever since Zombies and Vampires started mixing it up, Zombies are severely weakened by garlic," Dave said.

At that very moment, a miner zombie drilled it's way into the kitchen, and grabbed Donald and pulled him down.

"MY HOBO BROTHER!" Dave yelled.

Dave was about to jump in the hole to when Cole grabbed him, pinned him to the ground, tied him up with some rope, took a glove, and then said:
"Are you mad sir?!"

And then he started slapping Dave repeatedly with the glove until Dave said:

"Okay, OKAY! I admit I shouldn't have done that, but what could you expect?" Dave said.

While they were arguing, they failed to notice about ten zombies had climbed through the hole the miner made and had bitten Owen.

"AHHHHHHHH! KILL THEM NOW!!" Olivia screamed.

"Time to eat lead!"