Saturday, December 17, 2011

5th Day Of Creepermas: Harry Creeper and the Enderdragon's Stone

There once was a Creeper named Harry, who lived a miserable life in a mob spawner. He was always on fire. But then, a fool came into the dungeon he was in. He killed the other Creepers. Then as he took out Harry's spawner, Harry was freed and took the player's life! "I'm free!" Harry said. "I'm going to Magma's School Of Creeperdry and Creepercraft!" He went their. He met two other Creepers, Ron Boom and Herminone Gunpowder. There was a rumor that an Enderdragon was guarding a golden apple. Turns out there was. Harry accidentally stumbled upon a portal. He was never seen again.

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