Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vacation Day 2: I'm The Chosen One

Today I went to Universal Studios and it was awesome! I went to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter! And guess what? I got picked for the Olivander thing in the wand shop, it was awesome! I didn't get the exact wand that I got picked for, but I got a wand made out of the same material because the wand I got was ugly, it had a freakin' mummy on it! I prefer my new wand. If you want to read almost what me and Olivander said, scroll down to the bottom of this post. We got Butterbeer in the cool sovenier glass. We also went to most of the other rides too, most notably the Jurrasic Park River Rapids, this toon ride which had several big falls, and the Spider man 3-D thing adventure. I think they use actual fire for some of the rides!

Olivander: You there, what is your name?
Patrick: Patrick.
Olivander: Ah yes Patrick, why don't you come up over there.
Patrick walks up up
Olivander: Now we are going to choose your wand. Now as you may know, each of our Olivander wands have a magical substance such as dragon heartstring or phoinex feather, and no two Olivander wands are the same, just as no two unicorns or phoinexes are the same.Now try this wand, 11 inches, unicorn hair. Now move those flowers from here and say "Accio Flowers".
Patrick: Accio Flowers!
Drawers start moving next to the flower
Olivander: Oh no, no, no, no.
Olivander waves wand and drawers stop moving
Olivander: Obviously not that one.
Patrick puts wand back
Olivander: Try this one 16 inches, unicorn hair. Let's try something simpler. Just try watering the flowers. Say "
Patrick: Aguamenti!
Flowers die
Olivander: Oh!
Olivander waves wand and flowers come back to life
Olivander: Maybe, maybe. Try this one, 14 inches, dragon heartstring.
Patrick grabs wand and light blasts one and harry potter music starts playing
Olivander: Ah, and Elder Wand is ideal for a young wizard such as yourself.