Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vacation Day 3: Last Day :(

Hey! Sorry I didn't post this a few days ago, but I got sick and threw up several times, soooo, if I had tried to write this my keyboard would get even more messed up, but I digress. Time to review my day! It was sad because it was the last day. We went on this ride called Mummy's Revenge. NOT DOING IT EVER AGAIN! IT WAS NOT FOR ME! I HATED IT! GAH! Halfway through the ride, they said it was over, then a creepy voice said "death is only the beginning" and you took this, like, 200 feet fall and 100 mph. But, I went on Hogwarts: The Forbidden Journey twice, which was AWESOME! It was a fun last day. I miss it!

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