Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: Year In Review

Whatz hapnin' players? I'm here to do a classic review of da year. I say this year was bad. Yeah, 2010 was pretty bad. The oil spill, the big earthquake, Justin Bieber etc.. It also wasn't a very good year for the Godzillaz. Hate to say it but, we're done. We don't have a bass, my friend's guitar broke, and we have no practice. Anybody in my third grade class saw our first and last concert. My year only seemed to get worse as time progressed. Following the breakup, the TV channels just got worse towards the end of the year. Cartoon Network is crud, and they're putting some crud on Nick. Since Cartoon Network sucks, I often have to watch Disney! To save this year from being TO cruddy, I'll make a short. Later! Hope 2011 is better, (I DOUBT IT HIGHLY!)


  1. I think it was not all bad was it? How about tomorrow you write about some positive things from this past year.

  2. Can I note for the record that I did, in fact, fix Patrick's guitar? Thank you.

  3. The guitair that your friend hade