Friday, December 31, 2010

Invasion Of The Mr. Roboto, Done In Webkinz

Hey! Like I said, here is a Webkinz short. Now in Webkinz, the rule is only Webkinz, and it has always been followed. Until now. A Patster production. It took some time to make. 5 Webkinz... must do the impossible... or at least one of them has too.INVASION OF THE MR. ROBOTO!

AT, Brueggerz, everything was as it should be. Currently. It was snowing hard out. On the air hockey table the robots eyes opened. A Tye Dye Dog named Tyler walked in and noticed the robot had opened it's eyes.

"Hey that's weird!" he said out loud. "I am Mr. Roboto! Play me in the hockey of air!" Mr. Roboto said. "Well domo arigato for the challenge!" Tyler said sarcastically. But, he decided to do it, anyway.

It didn't go so well. Probably because the robot was programed to beat opponent at all costs.          

But then the robot did something that most robots couldn't do. Turn opponents that it defeats into cold, hard stone.

Jude, the dude of Dudeom came in to catch a bite.

 He was shocked by what he saw and said "Whoa dude, that is so not chill,". "Wanna but your skateboard where your mouth is skater dork?" Mr. Roboto said. "I'll play a quick round with you, broham," Jude said.

Despite being the dude of Dudeom, he lost, like Tyler.

Unfortunately, he was also turned to stone, like Tyler.

The two lifeless statues just, well, stood there.
To get some lemons to avoid scurvy, swashbuckling J. Rancher came in.
 "What be the two fellow mates in stone?" J. said. "You wanna join them?" Mr. Roboto said. "I be goin' against you. I win, the mates come back to flesh,". "But if you lose..."
He didn't do well. At all.

 "Time to pay up!" Mr. Roboto said as he turned J. to stone.
The three statues looked glum, though their faces showed no emotion.

 To get a late night bite, Dark Blade, came in and saw the 3 statues.

"Care to join them?" Mr. Roboto said. "I see them come in all the time! Something tells me you turned them to stone!" Dark Blade said. "How long did it take you to figure that out, Einstein?" Mr. Roboto said mockingly. "I'll play you for their safe return," Dark Blade said. "Remember the alternative," Mr. Roboto said with a smirk.

The poor 'ol fellow was turned to stone.
And his statue joined the others.

Aster "The Duke of Destiny"entered and saw the statues. The reason for his nickname is because when he's asked to do something, he makes sure that it can't be done, so he doesn't have to do it. Anyway, he was shocked, for 12 seconds. "I take it you wanna play," Aster said. "Yeah," Mr. Roboto said.
"How 'bout we play like this: I win, they're returned to normal. I lose, and I join them," Aster said. "Fine by me!" Mr. Roboto yelled.

"I'm back?" The other 4 said. "Yes. I restored you by beating that mediocre robot," Aster said. Most of them muttered something after Aster's comment.
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to the cast!


  1. Super post and I really enjoyed the story. A great post to end 2010 with! Great job!

  2. TOTALLY AWESOME POST, PATRICK! I am looking forward to more!!!! Keep 'em coming!