Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best Action Movie: Indiana Jones 2

Hey hey whaddaya say? Well I say, The Best Action Movie is: Indiana Jones 2. Now, this movie is AWESOME! The beginning is, well, interesting. Indy gets tricked into drinking a tainted cocktail. So, for the antidote, Indy has to give up the diamond. Indy says "now way" and they get in a big fight and balloons fall. They eventually get it, and a 12 year old drives their car and he escapes with a spoiled singer. They go to Pankot to get a ride to Deli. They eat Chilled Monkey Brains. Cooleo! But, an evil mastermind with mind slaves trick them, and nearly kill the singer by dunking her into a lava pit. Ironically, the evil dude dies because he falls into crocodile invested waters then is killed by a crocodile, (well, that's not really ironic, but it is cool). You should watch this movie!

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  1. I agree that this was a cool movie and the best one of all the Indiana Jones movies. Nice review!