Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Movie Ever: Star Wars

Hey, dudes and dudets. I say the Best Movie Ever is none other than: Star Wars 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so awesome because after the Sith think they've won, the Jedi come back and destroy the Sith. So, Princess Leia and Chewy go to save Han. And fail. Luke tries to save Han too. He also fails. It was thanks to Lando that they escaped Jabba's clutches. Speaking of Jabba, Leia kills him with her own chain. Then they go to Endor to destroy the big ships invincibility reactors. They are kidnapped by giant man eating mini bears. Leia persuades them into not eating then and also convincing them to fight stormtroopers. Somehow they win and blow up the Death Star. The Emperor dies, and Darth Vader is finally a good father. You should DEFINITELY watch this movie!

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  1. I figured the best movie ever would be something from the Star Wars series - I think this one was a good choice! Nice review and really good series this week.