Thursday, April 14, 2011

10 Weird Things Going On At School

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but me computer had a couple bugs, so, yeah. So, I'll say the Top 10 Weirdest  Things going on at school.

10: One teacher, (not the nurse nor the janitor) had to clean up vomit.

9: A bunch of girls watch the boys play football. Later, I noticed that there was a boy watching too. =}l

8: There's no 80's unit in Social Studies.

7: A bunch of girls made up a new meaning for the word dipper,(you won't find it online, or in a dictionary).

6: We had to watch a "Bill Nye" video.

5: We have to learn how to type.

4: In lunch, they made us watch "Clean Up Your Room, Henry Moon!" which BTW stunk so bad, I saw a skunk plug his nose!

3: A bunch of people we don't even know play 4-square with us. (Why?)

2: The 3rd graders that sit at our table before we sit there always leave unopened food. It, BTW gets eaten by us.

1: At the end of 3rd grade, last year, chased everybody around the room.

Weird huh?


  1. Cool list pal. I wonder why there is no 80's unit in social studies. The 80's were pretty cool.

  2. what is the new meaning of the word 'Dipper'?

    who plays 4 square with you?