Monday, April 4, 2011

Kaiba Likes Shear Ego (Kaiba/My Review Of Sheer Ego's Performance)

Yo! Kaiba,(I) went to to get a haircut, and Kaiba,(I) went to Sheer Ego. Kaiba,(I) thought it was fantastic. "The crew is friendly, and handle my hair delicately. My ego barley fit inside the building though! ;)" Kaiba says. ANYWAY, Kaiba, I say it was awesome too! What Kaiba said is what I think. I give them 4 Kaibas out of 5. Color code: Orange = me. Brown = Kaiba. The reason I wrote this was because the title reminded me of Kaiba. Writing something as two different people is confusing, but interesting.


  1. That was kind of an interesting idea for a post, buddy!

  2. I thought for sure it would have been a 5 kaiba out of 5 !!