Saturday, April 16, 2011

Webkinzed Episode Of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

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 "Ladies and gentlemen and duel fans of all ages, welcome to the rematch of the century!" MC said into the mike. "The king, Jack Atlas is battling with the ex-king, Hunter Pace!"
 "You ready to lose again, Hunter?" Jack said. "NEVER!!!" Hunter barked.
 Within a few minutes, Hunter got out his ace, Skull Flame with 2600 ATK.
 But, Jack countered with his ace Red Dragon Archfiend! What a monster! 3000 points!
 Archfiend's attack wiped out Skull Flame. And Hunter's last 300 Life Points.
 In the Satellite, Yusei Fudo speed on his ultimate duel runner until he got back to his house.

 Tank, Blitz, and Nervin were watching an interview of Jack Atlas on their very small TV. "Ppp, Jack Atlas," Yusei muttered. Jack back stabbed Yusei, took his best Yu-Gi-Oh! card, and his old duel runner.
 Then Rally showed up. "Hey Yusei! Check out what I found!" Rally said.
 "Wow!" Yusei said. "Is that the new turbo chip?" Blitz asked. "You bet!" Rally said. "Hey, aren't those really expensive? Where did you get it?" Blitz demanded. "I found it," Rally said. "No, you stole it," Blitz argued. "Found it! Stole it! Found it! Stole it! FOUND IT!"
 "Oh, lay of the kid," Yusei said as he installed the chip. He reved the motor. "Awesome!"
 But then, Sector Security showed up. "Attention! You are in possession of stolen property! Escape is not an option!" A voice said. "Let's see what this chip can do!" Yusei said as he speed away. 
 "You over there! Pull over!" Officer Tetsu Trudge said. "Ah! Yusei! Remember me?". "You can thank Rally for this... in the Facility! Now will you come quietly, or will I have to take you be force?". "I will, if you can beat me," Yusei said. "Ha! Still think you can out duel Sector Security eh? To bad the law says you Satellites can't carry cards," Trudge said. "Laws were meant to be broken," Yusei said as he held up his deck. "If I win me and Rally are free. No questions asked," Yusei stated. "The law does not negotiate..." Trudge cut his fellow officer off. "What's in it for me if I win?" Trudge asked. "If you win win, Rally goes free, but I confess to stealing the chip and admitting that I couldn't outrun you. That should bump you up to sergeant," Yusei said with a smirk. "I accept," Trudge said.
"I'll start out with Assault Dog! I also lay a face down for later," Trudge said. The dog looked like he came out of Dog War 2, although he only had 1200 ATK.
"I'll start off with Speed Warrior!" Yusei yelled. "I guess that trip to the Re-Education Center was pointless. You still don't know math!" Trudge taunted. He was right; Speed Warrior only had 900 points. "On the turn Speed Warrior is summoned his points double to 1800. ATK!" Yusei said. Assault Dog was beaten, and Trudges points went to 3400.
"Ha! When Assault Dog is destroyed by battle, I get another one from my deck! And come the end of your turn, you Speed Warrior becomes easy pray!" "Set card," Yusei murmured.
"Bye, bye Assault Dog, hello Handcuffs Dragon! Attack!" Trudge said. "Not so fast! Scrap-Iron Scarecrow will negate the attack," Yusei said. "HA! I use Wiretap to send Scrap-Iron Scarecrow back to your deck! So much for your broken strategy," Trudge said as his dragon sent Speed Warrior to the grave.
"My draw! I summon Sonic Chick, and 2 cards for later," Yusei said without the slightest hint of doubt in his voice. But the chick could not stand up to the dragon.

"I discard my Level 4 Assault Dog, my Level 3 Guard Dog and my Level 3 Tactical Espionage Expert to summon... MONTAGE DRAGON!" Trudge yelled at the top of his lungs. That thing was a behemoth with 3000 points. "ATTACK and wipe out most of Yusei's remaining points!" Trudge yelled, louder. Handcuffs Dragon destroyed Yusei's chick, and Montage Dragon attacked Yusei, reducing him down to a mere 100 Life Points.
"I summon Junk Sychron. Next I play Graceful Revival to get back Speed Warrior. Now my Junk Sychron gives my Speed Warrior a tune up!" Yusei said. "No way, you have a tuner? And a Sychro!!!??? But, your deck is only made up of cards people threw away!" Trudge said with disbelief. "Meet, Junk Warrior! Now I activate Speed Spell - Vision Wind to get back Speed Warrior, and with him, my Junk Warrior gains 900 points to bring him up to a tally of 3200 points!" Yusei said confidently.

"Attack Handcuffs Dragon!" Yusei yelled. Trudge took the pain with a smile.
"Bad choice, Yusei. Since you destroyed my Handcuffs Dragon in battle, the monster that did it gets a pretty costly punishment. He equips to that monster, but the equipped monster loses 1800 points. So, next turn my Montage Dragon will attack and wipe out your monster and your life points!" Trudge said, manically laughing.
"My trap begs to differ. It's called Equip Shot. By "giving up" one equip card equipped to a monster I control, and give it to your monster, one of mine is allowed to attack it. Go Junk Warrior, end this!" Yusei said through his humongous smile.
"Nooo!!!!!!" Trudge yelled as his monster and his life points went down the drain.
"I'll get you Yusei!" Trudge yelled as Yusei rode to freedom. "I'm coming for you, Jack," Yusei said.

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