Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hi peoples who own computers/other Internet devices. As you may know, the title of this post is what the American colonists said about the British taxes. Well, the 22 students in room 106 are facing a similar problem. We have an in room currency called "Gotchas". Now, our teacher is running low on Gotchas, so she has been having to print more. And printing costs money, so she wants to find a way to get more from us. And she found a way. Yesterday, she put a tax of 2 Gotchas to use the pencil sharpener. So, we just stopped using it. Today, she made a new tax. 10 Gotchas for eating your own snack! That re-donculous since we only make 3 a day. Now I know how to colonists felt when they were taxed without a say in it. Now, several people were starving and forked over the 10 Gotchas. But, me and several other strong dudes fasted, (in other words, we didn't eat snack) which is pretty hard, considering we have a 1:05 lunch. This whole thing is starting to go like the American Revolution. Tax. Tax. Protest. Yes, several people from our class protested saying this, "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!" It failed. I guess this will keep going on. But, I'm not sure how much longer my cronies can not eat their snack. I have a feeling there will be more protests. But if this ends up like the American Revolution, one side will win, with a few casualties.


  1. Let's hope the parties involved can reach a settlement of some kind before any 'casualties' are realized! But, as you know, the teacher is always right :)

  2. I have to disagree. Nobody is always right. Ironicaly, I'm not right all the time :{o

  3. Maybe you can organize a protest and call it a "Morning Snack" party just like the Boston Tea Party.... :)