Monday, August 29, 2011

A Cross Between FreddieW and Nigahiga?

Hey! I was just browsing my Goggle Reader, reading some Laughing Squid, and BOOM, I come across this video: Jedi Kittens by FinalCutKing. Amazing. Naturally, I check out his YouTube account and some of his other videos. Some are more FreddieW-ish, some are Nigahiga-ish, some are a comedic account I have yet to discover, and some are hybrids. I check his Subscriber Count, and he only has 76,019 (as of 5:21 PM August 29, 2011)! He deserves more! So, if you read this, and have a or want to make a YouTube account, Subscribe to him! All you have to do, is go to one of his videos, and hit Subscribe! Do it! Also, if you like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Subscribe to me! If you don't, SUBSCRIBE ANYWAY!

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