Monday, August 1, 2011

What's Been Happening In The Past Week

Whats up? Pateo here! Wow, that was bad. I haven't really had time to tell you guys whats been happening this week because I've been too busy with Cinema Madness Week.Let me tell you the good things that have happened since last Sunday.
1: I made some more progress on my secret project!
2: I got a cool LEGO set.
3: I went to East Avon Flea Market. Good place.
4: I got Ally Of Justice Catastor, (above).
5: I bought a cool moose, (not a real one).
6: My mom came back from New York, and gave me a stuffed hot dog.
7: I unlocked the last Plants vs. Zombies mini-game.
8: I finished the first Harry Potter book in about 3 days.


  1. It has been a busy week, but with a lot of cool things happening for sure.

  2. I like when you have so many good things happening !!!!! It's awesome !!!