Monday, August 29, 2011

A Taste Of Garoldy Yiho (A Character In My Secret Project

Hey! Here's a taste of Garoldy Yiho, the person who was crushed by a dough ball. Then it exploded, scarring him. Our reporter, Pat Patlington, just gave an interview to Garoldy Yiho. Also, if, in parentheses, you see the word secret, it means, I don't want to give it away just yet.
Pat: How did you react to getting hit with a dough ball and getting crushed and scarred?
Garoldy: It didn't stop my career as a (secret).
Pat: But how did you react?
Garoldy: I was asleep pretty much the entire time!
Pat: How?
Garoldy: Dirker's Sleeping Juice.
Pat: What is your relationship with Rax?
Pat: muttering: I think he hit his head in that crash too. back to normal: No your friendship.
Garoldy: He just saved my live multiple times. Yeah, he's an OK kid.
Pat: Have you recommended him to the (secret) recruitment people?
Garoldy: Yep. And he was on of the rare few that passed.
Pat: Good to know. Now, can you still fight- (interrupted by several bounty hunters breaking in) AH!
(Garoldy whips out his (secret) and defeats the bounty hunters. Pat is only injured slightly)
Garoldy: This always happens.
Pat: Ow... My arm hurts.
Garoldy: Take a leaf from my tree... and cut off your arm!
Pat: I'll be okay.
Garoldy: If you say so.
Pat: The interview is over! I'm not taking the risk of being attacked by bounty hunters! AGAIN.
At that point, Pat quit and we found a new interviewer. He now works at a chain restaurant.

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