Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three Facts And A LIE About Patrick

Hey! About, 11 months ago, give or take, my 4th grade teacher did this thing about writing three facts and a LIE about ourselves, and then the rest of the class went in different corners of the room, based on their choice of the LIE. Anyway, I'm gonna make a few of those, and if the person has a website and/or a YouTube channel, I'll leave a link. As my saying goes, Patricks' first!

A: I think the Hidden Valley commercial is dumb, (That valley is not hidden, it's non-existent)

B: My favorite animal is the clown fish.

C: I liked the homemade pretzels I made with my dad.

D: I quit the Brighton Soccer League because it was being run ineffectually.

Which one do you think is a filthy LIE hanging with the other facts? Leave your answers in the comments!