Friday, November 11, 2011

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 10- The Conclusion

With every bullet that hit the zombies' filthy bodies, I felt a terrible sadness, but only for a few seconds because I had to shoot more zombies. "We're at the thigh!" Dave said. "And you're at the die," a zombie said. "Gagagagagagaga!" said Dave as he took a machine gun and fired away. "His belly button is a swirling vortex!!" Olivia said. "Go around it!" Vanderdaze said. After several long minutes of fighting, we arrived at the neck, which was a spiral staircase. "Let's move out!" Dave said. He went first, but while he was running up, a zombie disintegrated and he fell to his death. "Ah man!" I said. As we went on we arrived at the top. But then, tragedy struck. I fell, only to be saved by Olivia. "AH!!" I said. "I got cha, big guy," Olivia said. "Thank you." "I would never let you fall." We reached the top only to see: a whole freakin' giant group of zombies with guns! At the top of the head was the controls. "Well, the best way out is always through!" Vanderdaze said. And we did that. We fought through the onslaught. I got shot in the body a few times, and once in the head. Olivia once in the knee. Vanderdaze, well, lets just say he won't be hearing in his left ear or walking for a while. "Come out and face me, you coward!" I yelled. "Ah, Patrick," Dr. P. said. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU! AH!!!!" I lunged myself at him. We fought for a while until  pulled out his heartamoberthingy, which apparently destroyed the zombie and it's parts went everywhere. "Well, now what?" I asked to the empty sky. "This," Olivia said. Then Olivia kissed me. Then all the zombie parts became people. Well, just about everything worked out.
The End?
Credits to Steve, Ragnav, Timmy, Cole, Sam, Nate, Ben.

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