Sunday, November 6, 2011

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 6

"Oh my gosh! There are like 7,678 zombies!" Olivia said. What happened next, I don't know, so I asked Dave, and this is what he said.
It happened so fast. Patrick jumped and faced the zombies, unnecessarily took his shirt off and then a giant beam shaped like an X appeared and he shot it at the zombies. There was zombie guts everywhere! I almost grabbed my gloves and plastic bags. Olivia cried for her lost friends and family members. Patrick saw her doing it just before he passed out. Then something amazing happened. The zombie parts started shaking. Then 1 by 1, they formed a giant master zombies with, guess who, on top. Dr. P. was on top of the giant zombie! I grabbed Patrick, and Olivia and I jumped off the roof. We also jumped into the windows of a car and, apparently, they left the keys in the car. Gosh, this is like Alan Wake. Good game. Well, the giant zombie had a great sense of knowledge because it tried to kill us by stomping on us. The stupid car barely started in time for us to avoid getting crushed by the giant zombie. Lets roll! We were being chased by the giant zombie and we nearly got killed a couple time. One time the giant zombie through a bunch of smaller zombies at us. It hit us and the zombies ripped our roof off. Luckily I still had some ammo left in my pistol.