Friday, November 11, 2011

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 8

Then, I came to. "Where am I?" I asked. " Your at Dr. R.'s house," Vandergaze said. "Gggggggg," I murmured. "What?" Vandergaze asked. "Iiiiiiiiaaaaaa," I murmured. "What, sugar lumps?" Olivia asked. "Nnnnnnntttttt," I murmured. "What, bro?" Dave asked. "GIANT ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled.  The Giant Zombie kicked the house and totally destroyed it. "MY LAB!" Dr. R. yelled. With one more stomp, we were suddenly in the zombie's FOOT! "OMG, a zombie!" Olivia screeched. "This whole thing is made of zombies!" Dave said. "No, she means a walking zombie," Vandergaze said. "Falcon punch!" His punch just made a big hole in the zombie. "What? That's not cool, brother zombie!" "A zombie keeps walking unless it is beyond repair," Dave and Dr. R. said together. "You're a zombie guru too?" Dave asked Dr. R.. "I'm much more than a zombie guru. I'm a zombie creator."

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