Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alien Naming Contest

Hey people! We're gonna have a contest. Guess the name of each alien here! Remember: the 1st one is the one on top, the 2nd one is the one on the bottom of the 1st one, and so on. Oh, by the way, the reason I haven't been posting more of the If Zombies Invade Your School, is because I'm working on something else I can't tell you about. For now.
1: A: Mother B: Armor C: Quick Arms
2: A: Octopus B: Mars C: Tentacle
3: A: Kid B: Blaster C: Jumper
4: A: Rancher B: Cow Trainer C: Infiltrator
5: A: Brain B: Scientist C: Hypno
6: A: Warrior B: Hunter C: Jouster 
7: A: Snail B: Slimo C: Ammonite
You get one point for each correct answer. The contest run until July 25th. Winner(s) gets his or her name on my post that day.


  1. Here are my guesses -

    1. Armor
    2. Octopus
    3. Blaster
    4. Rancher
    5. Brain
    6. Hunter
    7. Snail

    I bet I have them all correct!