Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cinema Madness Week Tuesday: Star Wars 1

Hey guys! This is a movie review of Star Wars 1. I think the actor who played young Anakin was good. I saw nearly the entire 6 hour Disc 2 with all the bonus features on a road trip to Canada, (you remember that story, right?) So, I saw how it was made, and stuff; their Tunisian set was destroyed by a storm. Back on topic, the stunt coordinator did all the prequels and was amazing. Yep, the fighting and stunts were awesome. Their were over 1,000 different costume designs that made it in the movie! And some had to be mass made! Well, I think I've said enough to try to get you to watch the movie. Oh yeah, I give it 4 3/4 Dark Magicians out of 5.


  1. Only 4 3/4 ?? I would have figured that movie would have been a 5 dark magician rating !!! I forgot what this one was called?

  2. I liked the movie too, but it is not the best one in the series I think.