Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cinema Madness Week Sunday: Bridge To Terabithia

Yo! Patrick here on the start of Cinema Madness Week! Every day this week, I'm gonna write two, count 'em, two, movie reviews! Today the first one is for a cruddy movie. Bridge To Terabithia. A horrible 2007 film staring Josh Hutcherson as Jess Aarons and Annasophia Robb as Leslie Burke. Now, on Rotten Tomatoes it got 85% from both regular critics and top critics, but from me it gets a big fat 10% and only one, measly half Dark Magician! This movie is bad! I'm sorry if you like it, but I don't. You may wondering: "If he says it's so bad, whey did he see it? Did he even see the trailers?" The answer: Our teacher made us. But first, we had to read the book. Then, as a "reward", we got to see the sucky movie. I guess you probably want to know why I hate it. Well, here are the reasons.
1: The story is boring. It's just a girl, (Leslie) who moves from the big city to the country, befriends a boy, (Jess) make up a mythical world, (Terabithia) and the girl drowns in a creek. Then the boy makes a bridge across the creek the girl drowned in.
2: We don't get to see Leslie drowning and/or her dead body, (although, it is a PG movie).
3: Terrible acting.
4: In this movie, Robb did not have her hair done in a way to make it look short, like it was in the book.
Read my next review to be posted shortly! Stay tuned for more movie reviews!

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