Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Day After Canada Day!

Yo. As I said before, Happy Day After Canada Day! Now, the reason I didn't write this yesterday was because I was on a trip to Canada and was staying in a fancy hotel that charged $10 for WiFi that my dad refused to pay, so we didn't go on the internet, (ever notice most fancy hotels charge money to go on the internet?) Okay, here's the story.

We left to Canada at about 12:30 from the bank, which with hardly any traffic, takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes, but we got to our hotel at 5:00, and the whole reason we even went to Canada was because my dad had to do his radio show from the Rypple company. Anyway, we got their at about 6:00. We left at about 9:00, ate pizza at this weird pizza place with no chairs, and got back to the hotel at 10:00. I went to bed at around, I wanna say, 11:30. 12 hours later, we left the hotel. And got home at 8:35. Yeah, I know, like 9 hours. But there was MASSIVE traffic. Late!


  1. Thanks for the review of the trip Patrick - it was fun except for the traffic!

  2. why cant your dad just go to Canada no tables they must have no business

  3. Well, my dad had been gone for the whole first part of the week, and it didn't seem fair for him to ditch me again, so I came with him. And yes, that place had almost no business. But they do deliver. :{)